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Blood will Run through the Streets after this Election 2012

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blood in the streets election 2012

I have been hearing these words for the last six months. I do not intend to alarm you with them or gain notoriety as a prophet of God. I do want to warn you and offer some wisdom for this upcoming election. This is not about politics this is about safety for you and your family.





This election is a powder keg waiting to explode. The two main candidates are poles apart. The campaigns have been heated and the candidates have dangerously polarized the two camps to their particular ideologies. The democrats have driven a wedge in the American people saying this election is between the haves and the have-nots. The republicans are in an uproar concerning the Benghazi incident. Again, this is not about who is right and who is wrong. I am simply calling attention to the potential crisis looming over this nation no matter what candidate wins.

This election could be the spark that ends up putting the nail in the coffin to our weakened economy. Riots in the streets of our major cities would create an instability earthquake in the stock market. Then, like a domino effect, the dollar would begin plummeting overseas and the devastating results would be impossible to turn around. Hello to the crisis the “preppers” have been warning us about.

So what is the purpose of this article? The purpose is intercession. Not who-I-want-to-win prayer but that somehow God’s mercy would intervene to bring peace to all these agitated hearts right now. In the meantime no one should plan to be far from home after November 6th. All cars should be filled with gas and any normal emergency preparations fully utilized. Each person knows what they need to do for the safety of their families. Yes we pray but we also prepare.

This one time I hope I am wrong but it has been a strong impression on my heart and today I knew I had to write this. Join me in praying for the safety of the United States of America and its people. I conclude we are not motivated by Fear we are motivated by the Holy Spirit!

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Jose Bosque

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