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Born With a Hole in Her Heart, She Saw Jesus before Angels Carried Her Home - 6/12/2014
"My miracle is that she lived as happy as she did. Every day with her was like a miracle to me." "After her second birthday, she had her first vision of Jesus. It happened in their family room, only a few weeks before her passing." "Hey Jesus. Hi. Hi Jesus," she said. "What do you see, babe? Hi Jesus. Hi," little Giselle continued, her eyes wide with delight.

Trojan Horse: UK Fears Islamic Takeover of Schools
 - 6/11/2014
The British government has announced that schools will be required to teach "British values." The news comes after Islamists took over several schools in the United Kingdom. This alleged plot to turn British faith-based schools into Muslim training academies has been dubbed "Operation Trojan Horse." Islam is advancing in Britain. Islamists want to conquer the UK.

Decrease in cultural Christians - Not a Bad Thing, Find Out Why
 - 6/11/2014
Can it be good that fewer people are calling themselves Christians? Some say yes. In the next few decades, more and more Americans will stop identifying themselves as Christians. The decline in the use of the word “Christian” doesn’t mean there is a decline in real Christian faith.“It’s really the decline of people that are nominally Christian only culturally Christian.”

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide
 - 6/12/2014
Pentecost: Britain’s churches take to the streets - Prayer for revival across Norfolk - 'Trojan Horse' Birmingham academy trust criticised - Key witness against mega-mosque withdraws after pressure - EU takes aim at radical jihadist websites -Nigeria: Boko Haram crisis - Nepal: Calls to outlaw religious conversion - South Korean missionary sentenced to life in prison.... 

Boko Haram adds more terror to deadly raids in Northern Nigeria
 - 6/11/2014
In one of the six raids reported earlier this week, Boko Haram sank to a new level of warfare. A large group of men arrived in the village on Tuesday, dressed as government soldiers. They told the residents they were there to protect them and herded everyone into a church. “When the villagers gathered in the church, the Boko Haram fighters then opened fire on the crowd.

Pakistan Taliban wage deadly campaign Published by Ruth Kramer on June 10, 2014
 - 6/11/2014
Sunday’s airport attack is just the beginning, warns the Pakistani Taliban. The group took responsibility for a vicious overnight assault that left 29 dead and shattered what was left of the sense of security. Tensions are increasingly high across the nation with a record-breaking amount of blasphemy charges being waged against both non-Muslims and Muslims alike.

Abedini threatened with more jail time
 - 6/11/2014
U.S. Pastor Saeed Abedini is facing threats of more prison time because he won’t stop telling people about Jesus. Some Muslim prisoners have placed their faith in Christ after hearing Saeed’s witness, and they’re also being targeted by officials. “I know that his heart was to give them the hope that he’s found in Christ that no one can take away, even in prison.”

How Pope Francis Reacted to 50,000 Charismatics Praying Over Him, Speaking in Tongues - Watch Video
 - 6/11/2014
Meeting with more than 50,000 Catholic charismatics in Rome's Olympic Stadium, the pope willingly knelt onstage as those present prayed for him with singing and speaking in tongues. The crowd prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill the pontiff and sang with hands raised in his direction. When the song ended, many kept their hands up, singing and continuing to pray in tongues.

Pat Boone says the recovery of his grandson, Ryan Corbin, from a traumatic brain injury, is ‘living proof that miracles do occur’
 - 6/11/2014
He was speaking at his 80th Birthday Bash in Beverly Hills, at which Ryan was an honored guest. Veteran American entertainer Pat Boone and his wife, Shirley's oldest grandson fell three floors to a cement floor. His skull was crushed. Many thought Ryan would never awaken from the deep coma. There was the fear that he would survive at best in a vegetative state. 

A Nightmare Turns to Joy for Pat Boone’s daughter, Lindy
 - 6/11/2014

Mercy Projects calls for urgent help with summer camps in Ukraine
 - 6/11/2014



Jesus heals Texas woman who had not walked in four years
 - 6/5/2014

It was a small miracle that Marie Cribbs made it to the evening service on May 4th at Magnolia Church in Port Neches, Texas. But that night God did an even greater miracle that will leave her a “walking witness” for Jesus the rest of her life. Bill wheeled Marie up to get prayer. Watch a video of her getting out of a can and walking without assistance.


Sudanese Government Backtracking on Reports about Meriam Ibrahim’s Freedom from Death Row - 6/5/2014
The Sudanese government is backtracking from reports that the mother sentenced to death for her Christian faith will be freed. But another foreign ministry official denied that statement on Sunday, according to the BBC, issuing a statement saying that the Sudanese judicial system is the only authority able to rule on the case.


Impeachment Threatened over Any More Prisoner Swaps - 6/5/2014
Lawmakers are threatening impeachment if the president releases any more prisoners without congressional approval. The administration exchanged five Taliban leaders from Guantanamo Bay for Bergdahl's release without giving Congress the required 30 days notice. "I believe the decision put our country in jeopardy." "These are all high level people."


Negotiations underway for freeing Nigerian schoolgirls - 6/5/2014
Despite disappointment that word of his involvement in the negotiations for the release of the Chibok schoolgirls was leaked to media last week, the Australian cleric appointed as the Nigerian President’s envoy in the negotiations with Boko Haram remains hopeful that they will succeed in getting the girls released. 


Jon Voight praises Pat Boone as ‘a righteous God-fearing fellow’ who ‘gives of himself’ - 6/5/2014
He was one of the many Hollywood stars attending Pat Boone 80th Birthday ‘Celebrity Roast’ in Beverly Hills. Jon Voight, is the father of actress Angelina Jolie, and actor James Haven. "Pat Boon is a righteous God-fearing fellow.


New Open Doors report: Nigeria tops Christian persecution Violence List - 6/5/2014
The World Watch Top 10 Violence List, which is based on persecution incidents between November 1, 2012 and March 31, 2014, is topped by Nigeria. Nigeria was No. 1 with a total of 2,073 Christian martyrs, Syria 1,479, CAR 1,115, Pakistan 228, Egypt 147, Kenya 85, Iraq 84, Myanmar (Burma) and Sudan: 33 each, and Venezuela 26. 


When a brutal killer named ‘Scissors’ came to Christ - 6/5/2014
He spent more than 10 years in communist prisons in Vietnam because of his Christian faith as the government attempted to “re-educate” him. But through his bold witness, the most hardened killers gave their lives to Christ and saw their lives transformed.


Freed through Praise: Willie Myrick's Saving Faith - 6/5/2014


Ireland: 800 babies found in septic tank near home for unwed mothers - 6/5/2014