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Where was God during the Conn Massacre and 8 Possible Reasons Why?

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Conn Massacre Where was God 8 reasons why2NEWTOWN, Conn. -- A lone gunman shot and killed his mother, then drove to the school where she reportedly taught and went on a shooting rampage Friday morning, killing 26 people, including 20 children, before turning a gun on himself.


The shooter was identified as Adam Lanza, 20, who was found dead inside Sandy Hook Elementary School of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

We are all still in shock and affected by such a horrific and senseless act.

First, we pray for these families and ask the Lord to grant them peace during this time of hell, torment and grief. All of America mourns this tragic massacre of innocent lives. I want you to know before we go on that there will never be a valid answer for those who have lost their loved ones like this. There are no simple answers but we must process all this to be healed.

These kinds of incidents are practically non-existent outside of America and they continue to be on the rise here in the last twenty years. Is there something about our culture that is to blame for these horrific events? I think so.

I want to offer some possible answers as a starting place for prayer, discussion and action;

1. I agree with Mike Huckabee “we've systematically removed God (prayer) from our schools. Should we be so surprised that schools have become a place for carnage?”

2. We have created a culture in the last twenty years that rejects any mention of absolutes such as right and wrong. “If it feels good do it”, “Live and let live”

3. We have rejected the godly moral values that were the backbone of this country. Everyone has the right to do, how and whatever they feel and express themselves accordingly. We celebrate the fact that we are so modern that we allow everyone to be their own ultimate authority.

4. We have rejected the existence of darkness, demons, devils and the demonic oppression they cause. We feel better just calling it evil. Well, where does evil come from and why is there this strange increased fascination with ghosts and the paranormal?

5. We have chosen to diagnose all extreme behavior as mental illness. We are told to live in this ever moving and ever changing culture headed for anarchy without the walls of morality and values. If you move too fast you have mental illness. Is all we have to do is wait a little bit for a rapidly degrading society to catch up with our perversion? Pills, Mental hospitals, and Psychologists exist to control abnormal behavior not to heal.

6. Our greedy consumer driven culture has demolished the family structure as we have chased the dollar or the promotion wherever the companies have relocated us. This disconnect has created an estrangement of children to the benefits of their extended family. Where is the Afro-American family headed without the blessings of the grandmother? Where are the Hispanic families going with the influence of the (Tios) uncles?

Had dinner last night with a teacher who has been teaching high school for 27 years and she confirmed to me these last two.

7. She says the kids literally live in a virtual world created by the rise of video games. She says most have no relational skills and will have real difficulties operating in society without their parents. These games such as World of Warcraft and others have stunted and anesthetized the natural fear of death, killing and shooting. The only difference she says is you can’t hit the BACK button or RESTART in real life.

8. Finally her greatest pet peeve with parents today is the continued enabling of inappropriate action. She says these kids run their homes and that the parents will buy them anything to feed their spoiled desires. Including guns I said, and she said “Yes, including guns!”

Because of the reasons outlined I do not expect these problems to go away and disappear because we get mad. Take away the guns and this will only get worse. Building more jails and mental hospitals is not the answer either. Our society and our culture are sick.

 Most of our churches are nothing more than a weekly pep rally. Sermons on how to win, how to prosper, how to succeed abound because it’s what the people want to hear. Will someone please take a time out and look up at the scoreboard. We are losing America and it’s getting worse fast! Have we hit bottom? I think not!

If you are still reading this you obviously want to hear the answer to the title of this article. Where was God? Why didn’t He intervene? The question is a valid one but only God can answer it. Many when going through extreme suffering like this can only explain it by saying there is no God. Others say God has given man free will and He will not override it. Are we to believe that the Creator of the heavens and the earth has abdicated all His authority and placed His ultimate destiny for mankind in the hands of mere men? I think not!

Tell me my pea brain cannot begin to understand the dealings of the One who flung the stars (universes) in the sky and I can do better with that. Explain to me it’s time to have faith (the substance of things NOT seen) in His plans and purposes in spite of Sandy Hook.

There are many things we do not understand but we know this;

1. You next moment or your child’s next breath is promised to no one. Put away the cell phone and make quality time with your children and loved ones. Celebrate the gift of life and take it seriously!

2. Quit escaping in the deceitful desires, unfruitful distractions and the never ending cares of this world. Confront your issues and get help before it’s too late.

3. Finally, we need to realize there is no human help that can take us through to bring us to a different place. Without faith in God we are doomed to torment.

May the Lord bring clarity to our spirits during this time of reflection and may all this darkness during this Christmas season lead us to the ONE TRUE LIGHT!

Jose L Bosque


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#13 Scott Lara 2013-01-04 19:46
Really enjoyed your article. I want to ask, "Where are the fathers?" Follow me on Twitter @scottlara1961
#12 Leonardo Arenas 2012-12-19 23:53
.... for the bereaved family of the 20 children, let peace and 'joy' be in your hearts for we have a God of resurrection who is faithful, mighty and sovereign. God bless.
#11 Leonardo Arenas 2012-12-19 23:51
I can not speculate any answers to the question : WHY GOD ? to this incident of the Connecticut massacre. At the most is we try to understand the nature, will and attribute of the Sovereign God through His Word-the Bible (i.e all answers must be Biblical):
1)God hates sin (Hebrew 1:9/ Psalm 45:7/
1John 3:4/ Romans 6:23).
2)God's concern for man in the knowledge of
His Sovereignty and Might (Ex. 6:7, 7:5,
14:4, 16:12/ Deut.7:9/ Joshua 5:24/ Isa.41:20, 49:23,26, 60:16). Throught the Scripture the praise "You'll know that I am the Lord your God" has been repeated for emphasis.
3)God's ultimate eternal perspective in the destiny of His created humanity differs from man's fleshly perspective of his temporal existence. This is why the Psalmist declares in Psalm 46:10 "Cease striving and know that I am God...." Cease striving" can be translated as 'let go and relax'.
#10 Jamye 2012-12-19 09:09
Getting tired of all the statements that God wasn't "there" at the school shooting because we have asked Him to leave. So not true. Even when we are far from Him, He is there for us. He uses US, always has. And He was at Sandy Hook Elementary School, there were at least 6 people who stepped up and were there at the instant of danger and didn't flee. Their names were: Rachel D'Avino, Victoria Soto, Lauren Rousseau, Dawn Hochsprung, Mary Sherlach, and Anne Marie Murphy. When you see those who willingly give their lives to save another you see the purest Presence of God.
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13
#9 Michelle Iberri 2012-12-18 18:41
Pastor, you said the truth. I saw on a tee-shirt that a concerned student had asked God why he didn't intervene at Sandy Hook. The answer was: Dear concerned student I'M NOT ALLOWED IN SCHOOL If the idiot president takes guns away, the criminal and the polcie will be the only one with guns. I often wondered what I'd do if I had my gun with me or if I didn't. Iike to think that I'd respond like the principle and the psychologist at Sandy Hook did. Rush the person, or knock them in the head with a can of whatever, plunge my knife in their back, or would I just stand there and do nothing. I hope and pray to God that I'D DO SOMETHING RATHER THAN NOTHING. You said I was a might warrior and a woman of valor. I again, hope I'd live up to that prophesy. Like Carmen sings WE NEED GOD IN AMERICA TODAY. Love Michelle